• American Shifter - ASCSB101TN
  • American Shifter - ASCSB101TN

Tan Vertical Shift or Emergency Brake Boot

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Tan Vertical Shift or Emergency Brake Boot

American Shifter’s boot kits include all you need to dress up your shifter or emergency brake handle. Each kit includes a real Naugahyde boot Trim rings and mounting hardware sold separately in American Shifter Trim Ring Kits. This allows for a additional finish chooses and styles.

Available in several colors! Check out more info at http://www.americanshifter.com

Get the right fit with a Shift Knob Adapter for your vehicle.

Go Custom - with a Custom Shift Knob!


  • Color :: Tan
  • Material :: Naugahyde
  • Lined :: Yes
  • Texture :: Leather
  • Mount :: Vertical
  • Shifter Boot :: Yes
  • Emergency Brake Boot :: Yes
  • Trim Ring :: No
  • Designed Location :: USA


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