• American Shifter - ASCSN07002
  • American Shifter - ASCSN07002

Chrome Rocket Bullet Custom Shift Knob

Part: ASCSN07002     SKU: 9193

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Chrome Rocket Bullet Custom Shift Knob

Add a serious touch of class to your ride with the American Shifter Metal Montra Series. These custom all-metal bullet spike Custom Shift Knobs are sure to impress. Includes detailed instructions for easy installation. 16 x 1.5mm threaded adapter included.Please talk to an American Shifter sales rep for more details, or go to http://www.americanshifter.com .

Get the right fit with a Shift Knob Adapter for your vehicle.

Go Custom - with a Custom Shift Knob!


  • Finish :: Chrome
  • Fitment :: 16mm threaded insert
  • Height :: 2.71 (70mm)
  • Diameter :: 1.13 (28mm)
  • Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed Location :: USA


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