• American Shifter - ASCS2C108S1
  • American Shifter - ASCS2C108S1

Chrysler 727 Dual Action Shifter Kit 8" Arm w/ Black Knob

Part: ASCS2C108S1     SKU: 56957

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Chrysler 727 Dual Action Shifter Kit 8" Arm w/ Black Knob

American Shifter Company's automatic transmission shifters offer custom fit transmission mounts, unique front, mid, or rear mounting options, multi axis adjustments, and true machines craftsmanship. Available in single push button operation, or push button and side shift dual activation.

The all-new American Shifter Dual-Action Shifter assembly has everything you need in a shifter! Which do you prefer- a side action shifter, or a push button shifter? The American Shifter has both. Shift however you want. Use any knob you want. The Dual-Action shifter features all of the convenience of any other shifter, but without the limitations.

Several transmissions applications, shaft styles, and shift knobs are available. For more information check out www.americanshifter.com

Get the right fit with a Shift Knob Adapter for your vehicle.

Go Custom - with a Custom Shift Knob!


  • Shift Action :: Push Button & Side Shift
  • Application :: Chrysler 727
  • Arm :: 8 inch Single Bend
  • Knob :: Black
  • Custom Etch Knob Compatible :: Yes
  • Red, Blue, Tan, Black Oring Set Included :: Yes
  • Medallions Included :: 5
  • Mounting :: Front, Middle & Rear
  • Adjustable Designed & Linkage :: Yes
  • Park & Neutral Safety Lock Out :: Yes
  • Neutral Safety Switch :: Yes
  • Dash & Clearance Adjustments :: Yes
  • Leg Room Adjustments :: Yes
  • Anti-Rattle Technology :: Yes
  • Teflon Bushings & Sleeves for Smooth Operation :: Yes
  • Anti Rust Coated Brackets :: Yes
  • Hardware Included :: Yes
  • Instructions :: Detailed Instructions
  • Warranty :: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed Location :: USA
  • Patent :: Patent Pending


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