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American Shifter - ASCAD06

Delux 2 Position Convoy Brody Knob Adapter and Knob

American Shifter's universal trucker knob kits make any shift knob into a steering wheel knob for your easy-turning joy! American Shifter’s adapters are heavy duty with all-chrome construction and a rubber sleeve for safety so you won’t damage your steering wheel.

All American Shifter's Brody knobs offer a 16mm x 1.5 input shaft allowing you to fit from hundreds of knobs that have the standard 16mm x 1.5 threaded adapters. This included the limited edition, stripe series, pool ball series, and 100's more!

American Shifter's ASCAD06 offers a unique adjustable angle design that allow you to adjust the knob from 180 to 90 degrees. Included black knob.

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